iPost (For I lack a better title)

When so much is waiting to happen and yet you can’t tell if it will, for real,

When so much is there to say and yet words fall short for what you feel.

Dreams, desires, reality bytes and more…

This  past two weeks have gone by in a jiffy…Visited my favorite people :)) Planned, unplanned and then some more about the second year of  ZAF. Sent a few more than necessary mails…

It all feels so real and yet a part of a dream.

I travel tomorrow to UP. I look forward to the 28 hour journey by train this time, I need some  sleep without the guilt that I could be doing something besides!  More from there.


P.S- Saw Inception this week, I liked what I understood and I’d like to watch it again for what I dint’.

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