There and Back again…

Much as I would love to write about ‘The Hobbit” hoping to put in simple words how much I love Tolkien’s work…this post takes nothing but the title from the epic book as I write about an observation from  life.

Like  many  most people, I have been in search for the extra in the ordinary. And I have some times found it too. The ZAF startup, the coming to the United States to study, recognizing the man I could spend the rest of my life with and choosing to be his for ever.. among others. But what I have also found is that these accomplishments/life decisions are a part of existence. They are what give me the drive to keep going on, growing up with each passing day. I slowly realize that no one thing is going to remain extraordinary for life. Even if it is for the world, it becomes a part of you and the search continues…

ZAF Academy is my project for life- it’s a cause that I will work for, a startup that I will invest all my time and effort I can towards.

The University education in a new country has given me an opportunity of a lifetime. It showed me the meaning of what it meant to be a ‘responsibly independent’ person more than anything else.

Being married to the man who with every breath wishes and works toward me realizing my full potential is the best partner/friend/mentor I could have asked for. A supportive critic who I can listen and discuss TED talks and HBR podcasts with is what I needed. What I got is wayyyy more than that 🙂  In case you ever read this, Thank You sweetheart!

So why the title? Because I am back to searching for my extra in the ordinary. Every time I think I have it figured…reality strikes! The process and search continues.

For my new quest, I am working to gain new skills and diving deep into learning workplace psychology. I shall write more details on this in the following posts. For now, just know every journey is linked to the next one.

It’s ‘there and back again… and a new journey begins from where we shall come back and a new journey…’


This one’s for you.

You know how it feels to have someone who says the right thing at the right time? One who gets you and it is to him that you explain the least? Someone who says not what you may want to hear but who says that what you need to hear and think about? And he says it in such a way that you feel you’ve been waiting to hear exactly that. The voice of your conscience, who you know you must follow but don’t necessarily always do. You look at him and you know there is a bigger purpose for your creation/or you start looking for one, for you have seen him grow and raise you with those teachings. You realize he is only a human and yet learning from him gives you your definition of what it is to be human. Who no matter how much you may have learnt or read, you know will have an answer when all those things will fail.

He is a blessing in my life, and he has been there since the day I was born. No wonder I consider myself lucky.
He is only a human and yet learning from him gives me my definition of what it is to be human.
My dad… For me.

You Betcha!

When something’s gotta give, its gotta
And sometimes we wonder what happened
When time flies by we get the picture
And the role we played therein

Yesterday was a story that we lived in
And it went by in naught but a wink
It’s today when we find ourselves surrounded
What happened then, we stop to think

Tomorrow’s knocking at my door now
I should know better when it comes in

I so agree!

Conformity- Dead Poets Society

If you have been following, then you probably know by now how much I have learnt from the movie- Dead Poets Society 🙂 This clip is by far the most beautiful way of putting across an idea everyone is always looking for- be it the admissions committee, your professors and peers, your wonderfully large family, or even the interview panel when you apply for a job- How far do you conform to the rules set by society, or as they like to put it “what sets you apart?”

But most importantly, this idea has been the greatest motivator and morale booster for me, personally. A video on conformity and I cannot help but agree!

Welcome back!

In the long hiatus that I have taken… I was on a journey where listening was more fascinating than speaking, and voices from all over the world surrounded. The long search for people and matters that would engage me beyond the routine chores of a mundane life, finally saw light. I have had an amazing and tremendously fulfilling time in the one year that I have been gone from home. Discovering and rediscovering the many things that makes up this world.

I hope to post regularly now, for this journey has surely reaffirmed, ‘Oh! That’s why, I am me!’