5 replies on “Reality has many faces…”

  1. Reality only has one face…but our perceptions of it are multifaceted. As for figuring and striking…its a cycle …when it strikes…you want to figure it out…and once you think you figure it out..it strikes

  2. Thank you for the valuable comments 🙂
    I now know, perceptions for one maybe seen as deception by another 😉
    @ Jeej- we have discussed it in detail…from changing letters in words to the detailed analysis.

    One thing I’m sure we all got to agree on- “reality bytes!”

  3. Sads, if a faulty perception is a deception then who is at a greater fault-the one who perceives or the one who deceives?

  4. @ Priyanka- If the person who is deceived is himself responsible for the wrong perception…then he has no one to blame! However, if he is falsely made to perceive a wrong view point as right then the blame is on another.

    But fault or no fault…the real matter remains that the one deceived is at a greater loss.

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