The story of my life.

I have grown up learning through examples. Every step of my life, I have known people who had been there, done that. Not people I met or read about. The examples came from my family members themselves. Growing up with five brothers and sisters was a whole world of learning in itself, and then combine it with the legendary extended family of scientists, surgeons, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Then there is this whole family history of heroes, war time losses, rising from nothing, examples of sacrifices, faith, betrayals and love. I have never had to look too far for inspiration. There has always been a helping hand around, a motivating story to keep me going through thick and thin.

At a young age I realized I could read and write well and understood better than many my age. Elocutions, debates, writing became a habit over time, and my dad, or a sibling was always there to discuss any philosophy, any question. Articles, poems, speeches were always edited by a brother or a sister. (If I haven’t thanked you enough, a BIG “Thank You” again. 🙂

However, I need to emphasize here that this has never overshadowed any of my achievements, experiences or joys. Only, it pushed me to try harder, set bigger goals and better myself at the things I did.

But yes, there has always been this deep desire to do something as big as the things I heard about, something different, yet as nice as I saw my people do. And this year, starting May 2009, I got that chance, that opportunity. And the phase of my life right now, is what I like to call- “the ‘extra’ in the ordinary phase.”

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  1. I want to thank the blogger very much not only for this post but also for his all previous efforts. I found it to be extremely interesting.

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