The fun has arrived!!!

The first admission I gave to a little boy from the village– When he entered my office, I was sitting at the table with the forms all neatly arranged in front of me, my excel sheet open for entering the data, and I smiled as warmly as I could.

I had expected the kids would be shy, be naughty and wreck my neat table, cling to their mothers and not even look up at me, not talk, juts stare etc, etc. But it was none of the above. The boy peeked into the room, and ran out yelling, “I don’t want an injection!!” He thought he was at the doctor’s, as that was the only other place where he had seen a neat room, with table and chairs (as explained by his mother, later) Wonderful! I am not going to pick favorites but I like this one already! 😀

After that I added chocolates, a few charts and reduced the number of papers on my table. I couldn’t possibly dirty the room, could I? I wondered.

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