How it all started.

I gave my last exam of BA on the 30th of May, 2009, hoping and praying that it would be my final encounter with the University of Mumbai. I am still continuing with those prayers. Well, so my college was done with, and I had to think of, what next? And then came the long discussions with dad about the project we had in mind, and things began to take shape.

It was about a dream to start a school, a centre for overall development of a child. The place would be one that urgently needed a good school. I would be the teacher, mentor, guide, which I was hoping I would be able to be. After twenty years of a comfortable life and education it was time to take some real test.

And so travelling from home in Mumbai, I came to my ancestral hometown in Azamgarh, UP and together with dad, started ‘ZAF’s Model English School.’

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