A Meeting of Sorts.

After teaching for about three months, and right before the mid term exam, I scheduled a mother teacher meeting at school. I sent out notices, and got phone calls from almost all the parents, asking if all was okay!!

Turns out, they were not aware that formal meeting was a thing that happened at schools to discuss progress. I had to convince them, that the school was running fine, their child was doing well and was not going to be punished. I even arranged for transportation service so I could make sure they did turn up.

The day arrived and so did all mothers 🙂 I gave my first public address to a group of over 30 women, speaking for about 30 minutes in HINDI; speaking on the importance of education, cleanliness, the necessity to speak to kids kindly, with love. I answered doubts about why my school was different, Why I was teaching only English and math in year one and why I was not spanking the kids!

After the meeting, the sincere thanks and gratitude on their faces, the long hand shakes and “Oh, your coming here is a blessing for us…” was exhilarating. No elocution or debate competition I had won in the past compared to that.

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