I have read thousands of blogs, (well maybe not thousands, but a hundred atleast ^__^)  and they take up a lot of my not-so-busy life these days. When I decided to have my own web address and sat to search for one, the one thing that came to my mind immediately was how wordpress just gives blogs “Just another WordPress weblog” as tagline by default. And that is precisely what gave me the idea for my address.

My life can be practical,

yet a lot of fun.

Life can be monotonous.

yet different from everyones.

And life can be for others,

yet belong to none but you

and life can be meaningful,

yet, only a pursuit of truth.

Being a student of psychology, I have learned to value the distinct (maybe, not perfect) qualities and characteristics that make each one of us. I will try and post my thoughts and experiences here and would love to receive comments and feedback.

So, I am me, and will keep posting and oh! that’s why… keep visiting 🙂

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