There and Back again…

Much as I would love to write about ‘The Hobbit” hoping to put in simple words how much I love Tolkien’s work…this post takes nothing but the title from the epic book as I write about an observation from  life.

Like  many  most people, I have been in search for the extra in the ordinary. And I have some times found it too. The ZAF startup, the coming to the United States to study, recognizing the man I could spend the rest of my life with and choosing to be his for ever.. among others. But what I have also found is that these accomplishments/life decisions are a part of existence. They are what give me the drive to keep going on, growing up with each passing day. I slowly realize that no one thing is going to remain extraordinary for life. Even if it is for the world, it becomes a part of you and the search continues…

ZAF Academy is my project for life- it’s a cause that I will work for, a startup that I will invest all my time and effort I can towards.

The University education in a new country has given me an opportunity of a lifetime. It showed me the meaning of what it meant to be a ‘responsibly independent’ person more than anything else.

Being married to the man who with every breath wishes and works toward me realizing my full potential is the best partner/friend/mentor I could have asked for. A supportive critic who I can listen and discuss TED talks and HBR podcasts with is what I needed. What I got is wayyyy more than that 🙂  In case you ever read this, Thank You sweetheart!

So why the title? Because I am back to searching for my extra in the ordinary. Every time I think I have it figured…reality strikes! The process and search continues.

For my new quest, I am working to gain new skills and diving deep into learning workplace psychology. I shall write more details on this in the following posts. For now, just know every journey is linked to the next one.

It’s ‘there and back again… and a new journey begins from where we shall come back and a new journey…’


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