With ‘a bank for millions’, you have to learn to be their customer.

What’s customer service, when you have to hire a security guard who stands at the gate allowing only a certain number of people into the bank? (“there’s only place for so much”)

I was at one of the branches of the State Bank of India the other day and here’s what I witnessed:

It is cramped; probably 100 or so people in space enough for just 40. I have been waiting for my turn for the past 30 minutes, just like the rest. And in comes this woman, looking all flustered and walks directly to the lady at the deposit counter- “I have to deposit this cash, I had taken my coupon, but the number has passed as I had to rush to the hospital for some urgent work.” (In a rather demanding loud voice)

“Sorry madam, you will have to take the coupon again and wait for your turn…it will be unfair to all the others”

“But I told you, it was an emergency and look, you are here to help the customers and I don’t know all this stupid bank business alright? So will you just help me out here? I have to rush back”

And it continued until one of the customers standing there stood up and said “You can have my coupon and I will go get another one.”

The lady gave a few words of advice to the bank, (you know how…) deposited the cash and left.

My turn finally arrives and as I am standing there waiting for my transaction to complete- in walks another woman and comes to the counter- “Hi, I am in an emergency, could you please deposit this cash, I have to rush to pick my kid up from his school and it’s very late, please…”(in a rather begging tone, with quit a few “please”) The woman at the counter replied, “Alright, wait for two minutes, I’ll do it.”

India’s leading national bank…you have to give some service to get their customer service!!

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  1. hahaha and I had hoped seeing some good development here in mumbai that SBI once got mordenized would be the bank to bank with or bank on…

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