Winter’s here.

I finally get to experience true winter. All these years, Mumbai was never cold enough even for an overcoat. But the season in UP is fast changing and I get to use all the sweaters and gloves I have got.

But it is still far from the winter my uncles and brother in Washington are having. Sixteen inches of snowfall…

Here’s a little advice while you lollygag at home:

“When it freezes and bloze, take care of your noze that it doesn’t get froze, and wrap up your toze in warm woolen hoze. This advice, goodness knowze, was written in proze by someone who knowze the effect of cold snowze on your noze and toze.” –Sunshine Magazine.

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  1. Hey,
    Nice1…BA…..and yes exactly being in sixteen inches of snowfall would be fun and also a pain …..and yes, the fun part would be the offices and schools would be closed and 4 the pain…. ****


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