The Mind at Rest.

Whenever I am sad or down. When I feel nothing I can ever do is going to be enough for myself. When I get too tired running away from expectations, knowing full well that somewhere I want them to stay. Amidst all this, this vicious circle that life is… there is one ray of light that shines no matter how dark it may be.

It makes everyday a dream. A dream fulfilled, a dream born. It turns all that which is obvious and crude, into a special beauty. Experience colors with the twirl of white light. It gives wings to the little things that barely crawl. Turning little joys, into lessons of happiness for life. Easing sorrows with time. Each day lived, a classic novel.

It is as if mom’s warmth, dad’s approval, friends hugs were all put together, a comfort beyond anything. It is what keeps us alive far way from home. Teaches us to live and love among men not our own.

It is the flight of Imagination. Soaring far, far into the horizons only to see how far the reality of life goes. It is the flight of Imagination.

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  1. Everything begins and ends in the head.
    So let the imagination keep soaring high 🙂

    Lots of love.

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