“I Solemnly Swear…”

Was what I have been doing these past new years. New Year Resolutions- Made to be broken promises. I finally accepted it doesn’t work this way. Not for me. (You are better at this, PM). And if it’s not working for you either, Read on…

Instead of the study 6 hours a day, strict diet plan, etc, etc, I have decided on a different PoA- Analyzing and then Setting Targets.

Step1. Analysis- Study the major incidents, events that happened in the past year. Important decisions you took, solutions you came up with. How did you fare? What did you learn about your skills and talents from them?

Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. And with that list in front of you forget the past year, you can’t live in it. Welcome to the present!

Step 2. Setting Targets- Now, instead of making a strict study, work plan set targets. Keeping your analysis in front of you ask yourself “where do I want to get?” And then, plan and execute the entire year.

Some days you may not work at it but with the goal in front of you there is a good chance you may come back. But in the case of repeated schedules, they begin to look dull and forced beyond a point, and you may lose focus.

The analysis is even more helpful with resolutions you need to take concerning other people and habits. For example: A certain set of people/ habits you need to break away from. Resolving- “I quit talking to…”; “I quit smoking…” may or may not work.

But knowing where you went wrong earlier, your weaknesses around such people/ habits and then planning will assure you do better not just with those certain people or habits but in the future as well, if you face a similar situation.

Take lessons from history only so much at a time that it helps; plan with hope for the future and whatever the present keep repeating to yourself- “Oh! That’s why….I am me.”

Signing off with heartfelt wishes for a bright, prosperous and happy 2010!