A Letter.

Much of what is lost,

Was but a thing that would decay,

Time will heal the pain of loss,

Memories will turn to myth one day…

Yourself in the mirror when you face,

Rejoice in knowing this-

Sold you not your soul,

Character and hope none can steal…

Grieve not O’ Heart,

Thou hast me still.

– Thy Faith.

4 thoughts on “A Letter.

  1. Wow! U wrote that. Ur too gud! hehehe my poems are way too kiddish. Thanx for visiting my blog & for the sweet comment.

  2. Very nice! I loved your opening lines- “Much of what is lost,

    Was but a thing that would decay”!

  3. My faith, my hope,
    My reason to love,
    My reason to live,
    Shall I always have thee?

    You know, you could possibly bring me back from death. Priceless πŸ™‚
    Much love <3

  4. Thanks! You are all very kind…
    @ PM- A poem for a poem?! I love your replies and always look forward to them πŸ™‚

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