iPost (For I lack a better title)

When so much is waiting to happen and yet you can’t tell if it will, for real,

When so much is there to say and yet words fall short for what you feel.

Dreams, desires, reality bytes and more…

This  past two weeks have gone by in a jiffy…Visited my favorite people :)) Planned, unplanned and then some more about the second year of  ZAF. Sent a few more than necessary mails…

It all feels so real and yet a part of a dream.

I travel tomorrow to UP. I look forward to the 28 hour journey by train this time, I need some  sleep without the guilt that I could be doing something besides!  More from there.


P.S- Saw Inception this week, I liked what I understood and I’d like to watch it again for what I dint’.

Even Sarcasm Fails At This!

In my very first blog post I had written that my BA exams were hopefully my final encounter with the University of Mumbai…(and I am still continuing with those prayers everyday!)

I ventured out again today to the long lost campus of the University ready to beg, borrow or steal what was due to me at least 2 months back! My convocation degree- I need it ‘urgently’ and that is one word they have skipped in their dictionary and instead put ‘lunch break’ twice( I am very sure)

I arrived there at about 11 am and was made to go around the campus for the next one hour until I finally reached the correct building, the correct floor and the correct room! (I thought of a business venture to give bicycles for hire inside the campus, could make real money!!)

Got there, waited, sat, stood, spoke politely, yelled at a few…answered questions of why I want to go, where, when, how…. Assured a few that I would not forget them when I got my work done…( I don’t even know what that means!?) And finally got my degree at 3 pm- exactly the time, when offices close and no one is available to attest them. “ Come again tomorrow!” How Welcoming!! But frankly, and most sincerely WHY!!

It was a five minute thing- A Mr. Somebody, (who everyone referred to as “Sir saying…so we giving. Go talk to him”) signed my request letter and I got it.  And the most frustrating part is that everything they do is made to look as if they just did a life-saving favor for you! As I walked my triumphant walk down the hallway and out the campus they all (right from the enquiry guy to the rickshaw driver who took me around the campus) looked and nodded as if meaning to say “it’s okay, it’s okay… we like to do odd favors from time to time!”

I had left home listening to Fireflies and Vanilla Twilight and returned home listening to Linkin Park. I venture out again tomorrow for the attestation, will sync Nine Inch Nails to my ipod tonight.

With ‘a bank for millions’, you have to learn to be their customer.

What’s customer service, when you have to hire a security guard who stands at the gate allowing only a certain number of people into the bank? (“there’s only place for so much”)

I was at one of the branches of the State Bank of India the other day and here’s what I witnessed:

It is cramped; probably 100 or so people in space enough for just 40. I have been waiting for my turn for the past 30 minutes, just like the rest. And in comes this woman, looking all flustered and walks directly to the lady at the deposit counter- “I have to deposit this cash, I had taken my coupon, but the number has passed as I had to rush to the hospital for some urgent work.” (In a rather demanding loud voice)

“Sorry madam, you will have to take the coupon again and wait for your turn…it will be unfair to all the others”

“But I told you, it was an emergency and look, you are here to help the customers and I don’t know all this stupid bank business alright? So will you just help me out here? I have to rush back”

And it continued until one of the customers standing there stood up and said “You can have my coupon and I will go get another one.”

The lady gave a few words of advice to the bank, (you know how…) deposited the cash and left.

My turn finally arrives and as I am standing there waiting for my transaction to complete- in walks another woman and comes to the counter- “Hi, I am in an emergency, could you please deposit this cash, I have to rush to pick my kid up from his school and it’s very late, please…”(in a rather begging tone, with quit a few “please”) The woman at the counter replied, “Alright, wait for two minutes, I’ll do it.”

India’s leading national bank…you have to give some service to get their customer service!!

Winter’s here.

I finally get to experience true winter. All these years, Mumbai was never cold enough even for an overcoat. But the season in UP is fast changing and I get to use all the sweaters and gloves I have got.

But it is still far from the winter my uncles and brother in Washington are having. Sixteen inches of snowfall…

Here’s a little advice while you lollygag at home:

“When it freezes and bloze, take care of your noze that it doesn’t get froze, and wrap up your toze in warm woolen hoze. This advice, goodness knowze, was written in proze by someone who knowze the effect of cold snowze on your noze and toze.” –Sunshine Magazine.