“Be a Man!”

What is simple logic,
Common sense for you and me,
What is it to be rational
Has been for me a real mystery.

When I say I’m right,
They say I’m wrong,
And when I think I’m wrong,
Praise from people comes along.

I’ll do what I want, thus be what I can
All the world tells me to be, is to “Be a Man!”

You Herd The Latest!?

I was home yesterday, so were my other family members who generally are at work on a Monday. As also my neighbors, friends, their friends…well…actually a greater part of my countrymen were.

Rickshaws and taxis were off roads, private vehicles too. To tell you, the only people on the roads yesterday were the ones who were asking everyone else to stay home. The opposition ‘partieses’(they are so many, the usual plural will definitely fall short) of my country united together(“on the very first thing in history”) and called for a nation wide strike.

The strike was to serve as a wake up call to the ruling party and to bring to their notice the immense trouble the “aam junta”-common man (I bet this will be the next hindi word to go into the oxford dictionary) is facing due to the increasing price rise.

You will find all about it on the internet or simply if you ask any Indian you meet (There won’t be any trouble in finding either) But, what strikes me the most about the ‘strike’ is that I don’t even know if I wanted to support it… Everyone else who stayed home is not very sure they liked the idea of the strike either. But stayed home we all did. So ultimately, support the strike- we all did.

And this is the latest…the forced herd mentality- the new meaning of our ‘democracy’. The government increased the price- everyone is paying the new rate, you do too. The opposition calls for a strike- you “better” stay off roads to make their mission for the “aam junta” a success.

Why does it feel that democracy is now slowly becoming the freedom of a few to make the rest go “moo” with the herd?!

Colorful World, Gray People.

We come to know through the study of developmental psychology that children at an early stage in life have the concept of all good/all bad for people and things.

And then slowly as they grow the understanding that a single person could be good and otherwise too, begins to take root. The smiling, loving care giver can also get angry; the friend who plays along can also hurt. This is seen as an important milestone in development.

But maybe somewhere, this idea of all good/ all bad does not entirely leave us. Why else would it be that expectations start forming and a rude remark from a friend hurts more than from a stranger?

  We meet people, some are remembered some lost in oblivion. Those that we like, we become friends with. We look for good qualities in them. What about them attracts us? Their words, ideas, look etc…their white side. The twirl of which shows us colors of the rainbow.

And then there are people we don’t approve of. Their look, ideas, words do not match ours. Their concept of good and bad; life and living are different. The dark areas of our life? Pushed far away they look plain black.

But surprise, surprise!! The good friend fails at something you expected, is not just the colors you so far pictured. And someone out of the dark turns out quite different- shines like a star on a day with heavy rain.

Gray People: Precisely the shade we all are. Good at certain things, not so much at others. “Wonderfully perfect” for some; “Got a lot to learn” for others. We are all, black and white together.

Seeing the grays and learning to pick the whiter shades – Smart Living.

The Mind at Rest.

Whenever I am sad or down. When I feel nothing I can ever do is going to be enough for myself. When I get too tired running away from expectations, knowing full well that somewhere I want them to stay. Amidst all this, this vicious circle that life is… there is one ray of light that shines no matter how dark it may be.

It makes everyday a dream. A dream fulfilled, a dream born. It turns all that which is obvious and crude, into a special beauty. Experience colors with the twirl of white light. It gives wings to the little things that barely crawl. Turning little joys, into lessons of happiness for life. Easing sorrows with time. Each day lived, a classic novel.

It is as if mom’s warmth, dad’s approval, friends hugs were all put together, a comfort beyond anything. It is what keeps us alive far way from home. Teaches us to live and love among men not our own.

It is the flight of Imagination. Soaring far, far into the horizons only to see how far the reality of life goes. It is the flight of Imagination.

“I Solemnly Swear…”

Was what I have been doing these past new years. New Year Resolutions- Made to be broken promises. I finally accepted it doesn’t work this way. Not for me. (You are better at this, PM). And if it’s not working for you either, Read on…

Instead of the study 6 hours a day, strict diet plan, etc, etc, I have decided on a different PoA- Analyzing and then Setting Targets.

Step1. Analysis- Study the major incidents, events that happened in the past year. Important decisions you took, solutions you came up with. How did you fare? What did you learn about your skills and talents from them?

Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. And with that list in front of you forget the past year, you can’t live in it. Welcome to the present!

Step 2. Setting Targets- Now, instead of making a strict study, work plan set targets. Keeping your analysis in front of you ask yourself “where do I want to get?” And then, plan and execute the entire year.

Some days you may not work at it but with the goal in front of you there is a good chance you may come back. But in the case of repeated schedules, they begin to look dull and forced beyond a point, and you may lose focus.

The analysis is even more helpful with resolutions you need to take concerning other people and habits. For example: A certain set of people/ habits you need to break away from. Resolving- “I quit talking to…”; “I quit smoking…” may or may not work.

But knowing where you went wrong earlier, your weaknesses around such people/ habits and then planning will assure you do better not just with those certain people or habits but in the future as well, if you face a similar situation.

Take lessons from history only so much at a time that it helps; plan with hope for the future and whatever the present keep repeating to yourself- “Oh! That’s why….I am me.”

Signing off with heartfelt wishes for a bright, prosperous and happy 2010!