A Letter.

Much of what is lost,

Was but a thing that would decay,

Time will heal the pain of loss,

Memories will turn to myth one day…

Yourself in the mirror when you face,

Rejoice in knowing this-

Sold you not your soul,

Character and hope none can steal…

Grieve not O’ Heart,

Thou hast me still.

– Thy Faith.

Colorful World, Gray People.

We come to know through the study of developmental psychology that children at an early stage in life have the concept of all good/all bad for people and things.

And then slowly as they grow the understanding that a single person could be good and otherwise too, begins to take root. The smiling, loving care giver can also get angry; the friend who plays along can also hurt. This is seen as an important milestone in development.

But maybe somewhere, this idea of all good/ all bad does not entirely leave us. Why else would it be that expectations start forming and a rude remark from a friend hurts more than from a stranger?

  We meet people, some are remembered some lost in oblivion. Those that we like, we become friends with. We look for good qualities in them. What about them attracts us? Their words, ideas, look etc…their white side. The twirl of which shows us colors of the rainbow.

And then there are people we don’t approve of. Their look, ideas, words do not match ours. Their concept of good and bad; life and living are different. The dark areas of our life? Pushed far away they look plain black.

But surprise, surprise!! The good friend fails at something you expected, is not just the colors you so far pictured. And someone out of the dark turns out quite different- shines like a star on a day with heavy rain.

Gray People: Precisely the shade we all are. Good at certain things, not so much at others. “Wonderfully perfect” for some; “Got a lot to learn” for others. We are all, black and white together.

Seeing the grays and learning to pick the whiter shades – Smart Living.

Remaining Dissatisfied.

Through the years I’ve read how the path to achieve great happiness, lasting peace begins with being content. Accepting things as they are, being satisfied with what one has, shunning all desires…

But try as I might, I continued to “want”. I continued to question- What next? How? When? And thus, put myself in the double dilemma of “wanting” and then wanting to quit it.

Finally, I’ve made peace with that. I have decided- I am going to let myself ‘remain dissatisfied.’ Dissatisfied at things not being the way they should be; to the level that it drives me to do more. Time tested and proved- it’s the best way to keep me motivated.

There’s enough time to do more than just exist; Happiness and Peace are best found while in their pursuit.

Your Time Starts, Now!

Note-This post is a sincere and humble dedication to Amma- My mom’s mom. I have yet to meet another who is so perfect an embodiment of grace and selfless love.

Look at the world with your eyes

Stop borrowing thoughts from other minds

Dreams the dreams that are born free

Be the self your heart wants to be.

It’s okay to shun the things that others do

Your fate’s not bound to those gone before you

Legends they were, that took the first step alone

Heroes they were not, who stayed back home.

Use your head, and with the heart at the right place

You cannot go wrong, the whole world you can face

For Myself, All by Myself.

That friend you needed now, is gone too far away

And all you have is me

And the green fields and the trees.

And all that you can do, is see me all anew

Cuz times a passing by,

And every whispered sigh,

Escapes the earth for high.

Watch rainbows in the sky,

Or birds that fly above,

Be they eagles or the doves.

And flowers will still do bloom,

And seasons- shine or gloom,

Will all thus pass you by.

Like the friend you needed now…

All you have is me,

And the green fields and the trees.