I so agree!

Conformity- Dead Poets Society

If you have been following, then you probably know by now how much I have learnt from the movie- Dead Poets Society 🙂 This clip is by far the most beautiful way of putting across an idea everyone is always looking for- be it the admissions committee, your professors and peers, your wonderfully large family, or even the interview panel when you apply for a job- How far do you conform to the rules set by society, or as they like to put it “what sets you apart?”

But most importantly, this idea has been the greatest motivator and morale booster for me, personally. A video on conformity and I cannot help but agree!

Welcome back!

In the long hiatus that I have taken… I was on a journey where listening was more fascinating than speaking, and voices from all over the world surrounded. The long search for people and matters that would engage me beyond the routine chores of a mundane life, finally saw light. I have had an amazing and tremendously fulfilling time in the one year that I have been gone from home. Discovering and rediscovering the many things that makes up this world.

I hope to post regularly now, for this journey has surely reaffirmed, ‘Oh! That’s why, I am me!’